Ownership of Your Website 
On receipt of payment for the work done, all other work carried out under this contract becomes wholly-owned by you.  This includes the design, any images, optimised content, etc.

Payment Schedule  
The deposit will be invoiced as soon as we receive your signed contract. Initial meetings will take place immediately but no design work can start until the deposit is paid. 
The subsequent invoices are dated the first day of the month with normal payment terms of 30 days from invoice.

We operate on the following payments schedule for new website creation:  
25% of total project set-up value invoiced on order
25% at the end of month 1 (normally website live on test server.
50% when the site goes live or a maximum of 4 months from signing the order confirmation (this is for cases where the client delays the progress of the project). 
Payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice. 

Other Terms and Conditions 
Original Quotation
The above quotation is based on our current understanding of the project and will be valid for 60 days. All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at 20.00%.  

Order Confirmation and Contract
If you decide to proceed with the project you will need to sign the order confirmation agreeing to the quoted costs and terms and conditions.  
The first project meeting can commence immediately but no design work will be undertaken until the deposit is received. 

Revised Pricing and Contract Following Technical Specification
If the project requirements are significantly changed following the technical specification process then we reserve the right to revise the quotation accordingly.  
During the specification process we will notify you of the impact of any requested changes or additional functionality that you may wish to add. You will then have the option of including the requested changes or reverting to the original quotation.   
Any changes to the quotation price will need to be signed off by both parties, in the form of a revised contract.

Website Changes During Development
Website quotations assume one set of changes after the original website build, further changes are chargeable. Minor text changes, such as address/telephone number alterations are free of charge. All other design and programming changes are charged at £80 +VAT per hour, or by quotation.  There is a minimum charge of half an hour. 

Post launch bug fix agreement
While we believe sufficient time is allocated to User Acceptance Testing we realise that additional time may be required to identify all issues. Therefore additional time has been allocated into the project schedule for remedial work following launch. This free warrantee period will run for a maximum of 60 days following launch.  All issues reported after this period will be dealt with under a support and maintenance agreement.  Where an Annual Website Maintenance and Support (M&S) agreement is not in place work will be undertaken on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis at £80 per hour.  Please note that all T&M work is deemed a lower priority than existing Maintenance and Support work.

Website Support
Additional website maintenance, other web repair and server issues will be charged at £80 per hour.  However you can pre-purchase support hours at a discounted rate as part of your hosting package or in blocks of hours. 
Artwork and Images 
Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Web Juice, all costs for artwork or photography are for the end product only and do not include supply of intermediate files, materials or source code. These can be supplied and there will be a charge for such. 

Hosting on Our Server 
The website hosting charge will begin on completion of the first draft of the website. Subsequent, yearly hosting charges will be invoiced a year in advance (every January); with monthly option available for some packages. 

Hosting on a Third Party Server 
Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all websites produced by Web Juice that utilise any form of content management system to update database-driven content are licensed only for use on our hosted web servers and are not transferable to third parties or other hosting companies.  

a) We shall not be liable for indirect loss or third party claims occasioned by delay in completing the Work or for any loss to the Customer arising from delay in delivery, whether as a result of our negligence or otherwise. 
b) Insofar as is permitted by law, where work is defective for any reason, including negligence, our liability (if any) shall be limited to rectifying such defect. In no circumstances shall such liability exceed the value of the defective part of the Work or of any loss directly occasioned by any delay in completing the Work. 
c) Where we perform our obligation to rectify defective work under this condition the Customer shall not be entitled to any further claim in respect of the work done nor shall the Customer be entitled to treat delivery thereof as a ground for repudiating the contract, failing to pay for the work or cancelling further deliveries.