Why your web sites speed is really important?


Maximise conversion rate

Did you realise that a 1 second increase in page load time can result in 7% reduction of conversions. For a site selling £100,000 per day that is the equivalent to a £2.5 million loss a year!


Increase user experience

Fast loading sites are incredibly important to users with most users expecting sites to load within 2 seconds, a happy visitor will help lead to a happy customer. A site which takes 6 seconds to load is likely to have a 70% bounce rate


Great for SEO

Search engines such as Google now include page speed as a ranking factor in their algorithms. For Mobile devices page speed is even more of a factor, so a faster site will get more traffic from the search engines.

“If your website is making you work harder than you have to then it’s time to see if you can make everything work together”

How we can improve your site speed, conversions and user experience

Have you ever visited a website and waited for what seems like forever for a page to load? The likelihood was it was only a few seconds but in the times of 4G and fibre optic broadband vital seconds are the difference between making a sale and losing a sale.

Our speed boost service comprises a comprehensive review of your site speed and recommends where savings can be made which can then be applied by us or handed in report format to your development team.

Our sites usually load 95% faster than other agencies which ensures that your customers can find what the want quickly. We do not rely on bloated themes and write efficient HTML,CSS, Javascript and JQuery


Order our initial review and essential speed optimisation package today

Every site can be very different as to what needs to be done to improve the site speed so our basic package includes a detailed performance audit report. During our inital analysis we will usually minify javascript, CSS and HTML and compress any images which are used frequently within the site. If possible we will enable caching and address any of the other important speed issues which relate to the site.

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