Is your site built in a search engine friendly way?

To compete in the search engines for the number 1 spot it is important to

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Responsive design means the content changes to fit the device you are on. If you look at our site on a mobile items will resize and re-shape to allow you to easily view it…give it a try!

Site Speed

Mobile networks can vary in connection speed meaning you need to make sure your site loads quickly. Reducing the size of images and the amount of content that needs to be loaded at the top of the page means your users can start using the site before it finishes loading.

Meta Data

If you provide the user with a great experience no matter where they are you will see an increase in sales as users will be able to find everything quickly and easily.

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Search engines now include mobile friendliness as a factor in their ranking algorithms as they want to provide the best experience to their users.

“If your website is making you work harder than you have to then it’s time to see if you can make everything work together”

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