Vacation Rentals Giftcard – New Holiday Property Portal

Vacation Rentals Giftcard is a holiday rental property portal for the US market built for HotelStay International Limited. As part of this project we were asked to produce the following:
  • A new website design for search
  • A combined API / results system to show properties for rent / Hotel rooms to stay in across the globe
  • Data would be provided from HSI suppliers in various formats and would need to be combined and processed
  • Simple search system to easily find a holiday
  • Integrate the booking system with a gift card system to allow customers to use prepaid gift cards to take money off
  • Integrate with payment gateway Ogone

Creation of a “Master” API

The problem posed by the project was converting each provided API currently into a standardised format to combine with HSI’s own stock of Hotel / Holiday allocations to create a master search results page. This task would then allow the customer to turn on and off different APIs as and when they are required.


As part of this project we were also asked to come up with an exciting new design based loosely upon other sites within the HSI group of websites (in order to match the brand identity). We worked directly with the team at HSI to map out the user journey to create an eye catching design with an easy to use interface reducing the complexity of similar sites in the group and in the industry.

Post Testing Optimisation

Once testing was complete we carried out our standard speed optimisation session to reduce the page load time of all pages resulting in a homepage load time 618 milliseconds. vcr-speedtest