Internet Reptile – PrestaShop Website Integration

Internet Reptile, based in Nottingham, are a large online retailer of reptile supplies. Their goal is to move from selling just reptile food to becoming the UKs largest online pet supplies retailer. After working with Web Juice for a number of years, on various iterations of their website, we were asked to work with them on a new eCommerce website. The choice of platform needed to satisfy a number of conditions which included:
  • The ability to have multiple levels of pricing for different groups of customers
  • Easy to navigate backend for staff to manage
  • Ability for products with variable attributes (such as size and amounts)
  • Simple discount code system
  • Integrate with the currently used ERP system (OrderWise)
After some debate we decided to use the PrestaShop eCommerce system which offers a number of these benefits out of the box, plus many other extra benefits.


As part of the project we created a link between the PrestaShop system and Internet Reptiles ERP system OrderWise. As part of the integration & testing process we were tasked with ensuring the following were seamlessly working between the two systems:
  • New orders generated to be created within Orderwise
  • Order updates such as items marked as shipped, etc. to be updated in the PrestaShop system and any update emails to be sent to the customer
  • Product inventory to be regularly synced between systems
  • product information to be imported into the system (one-off).

Theme Creation and Speed Optimisation

PrestaShop comes with a number of tools to improve the speed of the site including auto image optimisation, and combine and compress css and javascript files (two important factors in speed optimisation).  Working with a pre-built theme we made some improvements to the layout and the mobile user journey to turn a good theme into a great theme. Coupled with a VPN server and server caching techniques, the website now loads in just over a second, which for a fully featured eCommerce website is quick! ir-speed Since going live with the new site Internet Reptile has been improving it’s user experience with a view to launching a new pet store in the near future on this platform.