Order and Stock Management Integrations

We have integrated a number of ecommerce site into order and stock management systems.

Channel Advisor

Channel advisor is a stock management and ordering system which speciallises in feeding out the products into many different channels and market places. We have integrated a bespoke PHP based ecommerce site with Channel Advisor

Bright Pearl

Brightpearl like Channel Advisor is a multi-channel retail management system that helps you manage most aspects of a business – bringing orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting together in one place. We have fully integrated a Prestashop site with Bright Pearl. read more


Orderwise is another multi channel order and stock mangement system. We have integrated Orderwise with a bespoke PHP based ecommerce site.

Access Factory Master Integration

Factory Master is primarily a stock control system where we integrated into a Prestashop site. As Factory master is fairly flexible we created a ‘Bridge’ between the 2 platforms which allowed easy modification of the data flow between the site and the stock control system.

Mywarehouse WooCommerce Plugin

MyWarehouse provide a pay as you go warehouse service and organise the delivery of your products. We have developed an WooCommerce plugin which deals with the integration of MyWarehouse to hand stock updates and orders. The plugin has the following features :-
  • Bulk export of products from WooCommerce
  • Nightly stock updates from MyWarehouse
  • Creation of new products in Mywarehouse
  • Management of products within both systems
  • Automatic export of orders from WooCommerce
  • Manual creation of orders from WooCommerce for old order ids
  • Handling of default product properties when not set in WooCommerce