Integrate your website with other systems

At Web Juice we love everything working together! If you have a website why shouldn’t an enquiry be passed straight into your CRM system or your stock management system update your stock with live figures. Our Team has years of experience working with a variety of systems and we are true believers of if your system can see the web then why not integrate it with your website. Here are just a few examples of the systems we have worked with in the past:

Order & stock management


Shopping Feeds


Payment Gateways


Property Feeds


CRM Systems

We have worked on integrating websites with popular CRM systems through to bespoke systems allowing every website enquiry to be effectively tracked in your CRM system and in Google Analytics.

Search Engines

Whether it is google maps or google site search we can help with that too

Social Integration

We can fully integrate your site with the latest open graph and other social markup to allow your site to seamlessly communicate your social channels this includes twitter cards, pinterest shopping and more…

Shopping Cart systems

We integrate leading shopping cart systems into our sites so you can take effective secure payments online.

“If your website is making you work harder than you have to then it’s time to see if you can make everything work together”

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