Easy site Importer

Easy Site Importer – Free WordPress plugin

Easily copy and import content from any site by spidering, scraping and then processing the text, images and meta content from another site makes this the perfect migration tool when you need to copy a site to wordpress.

Main features

Easy site importer makes the process of migrating from any web site a much simpler, easy and less time consuming process. Simply enter the URL of a site and Easy Site Importer will automatically scan the target website to find sections of the site which have content to be scraped. Specify which main HTML content block contains the main content for the site and if required an additional start and end string within this main content block.
  • Automatically scan the site to identify the main content blocks for scraping
  • Spider the site automatically to find all the pages with content
  • Filter the html to remove inline CSS, Class, Span or Div tags
  • Identify and replace hard coded absolute URLs
  • Import any images found into the media uploads directory and change the image tags
  • Import SEO title and description tags into wordpress SEO YOAST plugin

Installing Easy Site Importer

  1. Download Easy Site Importer by clicking on the link and then unzip it onto your computer
  2. Upload the `site-importer` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory of your wordpress site
  3. Activate the Easy Site Importer plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Configure the plugin by going to the `Site Importer` menu that appears in your admin menu

Getting started with Easy Site Importer