Easily migrate from any site to WordPress

Migrate text, images and SEO tags from any site to wordpress easily


Web Juice have just released their first free plugin which can make copying the content from another website a much simpler process.

Easy Site Importer will crawl a website to identify the target pages to copy and then analyse the structure of the page to identify where the main content is held. You can then specify which content you want imported from which pages and if you also want the images downloaded to the media library.

Powerful filtering allows you to clean up and remove redundant code from the old site such as inline styles, classes, spans or divs which may not be relevant to the new site. Hard coded links to the old site and any old image paths can also be set to be amended during the import process.

If you are using an SEO plugin such as Yoast’s WordPress SEO you can copy the meta title and descriptions from the remote site to further enhance the newly created pages.

Web juice had many clients who wanted their site migrated to wordpress, so descided to produce a tool to make this process much easier. A typical migration would either involve copying the pages manually or would involve configuring a traditional spidering and scraping tool and then another tool to upload the content to wordpress both of which would be many hours of work. The process of copying the content, tiding up the code, downloading and importing the images and then copying the SEO tags was a very time consuming process which can now be completed in minutes.

Next time you need to move a site to wordpress why not try downloading Easy Site Importer